Starting up xMap in Singapore

Starting up xMap in Singapore
Starting up in Singapore 

April 2023 - We are starting a Journey to build a location intelligence platform focusing on data, algorithms, and artificial intelligence products.

We are building a B2B SaaS platform focusing on enterprise customers and we are excited to share how our journey will evolve from the start to the exit and beyond.


We're building a data marketplace, an API platform, and a GPT-powered location engine to connect both in a dashboard that has never been built before.

What we sell

Data as a Service

Enterprise needs data to build innovative Artificial intelligence solutions, We supply data as a service for a subscription. it's DaaS (data as a service business model)

API Platform

Building algorithms for insurance, real estate, and financial services. What used to be done in Months of extensive research will be done with one click. It's API SaaS (Software as a Service) for enterprises to leapfrog. 

GPT-Powered Dashboard

Imagine you want to open a new store, here is what used to happen:

  1. Buy data
  2. Buy software to analyze the data
  3. Hire tech teams to use the software to analyze the data

The cost is data + software + talent cost.

Large language models is and will transform our lives, now with a few question on the screen, you can get an answer and a report with all indicators.

This is SaaS (software as a service)


We sell in The Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Japan, and the U.S.


We're all builders, we all code. We live in Japan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and India.


  • Large Language Models / NLP
  • Geospatial Intelligence algorithms
  • Optimization algorithms


  • Infra / Data pipelines
  • API development / Webapps

Product / Business Dev

  • Product design (Usable and scalable)
  • Marketing and customer acquision

Setting up in Singapore

I used an entity that I own in Estonia for the transactions and contracts, Estonia is flexible and such an amazing digital country where I can move everything from Japan online with a digital card.

To scale,  we incorporated Singapore.

Why Now?

Large Language Models will change everything around us, we finally have artificial general intelligence that can automate processes with similar intelligence and logic as a human.

And we are leveraging the most of it ...


Customer money is north star. We propritize sales!

It's tempting to build in stealth, keep things hidden then go for a grand release and hope people will love it. It doesn't work!

We are moving agile to monetize each component of the platform the minute it's built. We release as quickly as we can and iterate.

How to help

We are piloting multiple technologies and looking for early adopters,  in Real estate, commercial insurance underwriting, and others. Shoot me an e-mail to to talk.

What's next?

We are super excited to share how we grow, productize, and exit. We hope sharing the journey helps others to start their own b2b enterprise SaaS AI ventures.

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